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Do you enjoy the comradery of fellow retired D.C. Area police officers? Would you like a place to turn for the latest news and information that affects your retirement? If so, then the AORP is the organization for you. The AORP is the only organization geared especially for retired D.C. Area police officers.

Eligibility for Membership

Any person who is a retired officer with the Metropolitan Police Department, the United States Park Police, the United States Uniform secret Service or White House police and the United States Secret Service. All membership applications will be reviewed for authenticity.

Active Membership Dues

Membership year is January 1- December 31. Dues are just $35 per year and should be paid in advance each year. All members are issued an AORP membership card with their unique association number.

Web Site Rules

Only active AORP members will be allowed to view or make entries in the forums or create or join into any of the various forums. In addition it is expected that all entries made by any member be civil and respectful of other members.

The purpose of the forum is to allow all members a means of communication to discuss the old times as well as a camaraderie. It is not to be used as a platform for political, legislative or advertisements. It is not to be used for any hostility. If a member has a retirement issue they want to discuss they must use the forum pages to describe and maintain communications from other members. Members are allowed to mention or remind members of a new forum created in the guest book to draw other members who are interested into the forum. They are not to give long drawn out narratives about the issue. Any size narrative can be written in a forum.

Any member violating these rules are subject to be denied access.

Membership Benefits

Your membership will provide you with:

  • A voice to assist members with retirement issues
  • Newsletter
  • AORP updates via e-mail
  • Membership directory
  • Two annual dinner meetings
  • Monthly meetings
  • Access to helpful web sites specific to retirees

Annual Dues

The annual registration fee for membership is $35.00 and it is due before January of each year. An Associate membership, which is for widows of deceased AORP retirees require no dues to join.

Renewal and Membership Form

Renewing your membership is easy, just use the link visible only to members under “Join” for “Pay Dues / Renew Membership.”  You can pay with a credit card or by check through the mail.

Joining is just as easy, send an email to to receive an application.  Once an application is received, a log in will be created for you, and you can either pay online from your account or mail in your application and payment.